Tara Canyon

 Durmitor Park is Montenegro's most important natural terrain. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Its site features the Tara river canyon, which is noted for the beauty and splendor of the surrounding landscape. The depth of the canyon is 1 300 meters and its length is 80 km. Nowadays, it is a very popular destination among fans of hiking and whitewater rafting in scenic places. Those who prefer a pedestrian walk will have an opportunity to see another iconic landmark during the tour. Durdevica Bridge. The road march on the river was made in 1937 and actually became the only way to connect the south of Montenegro with the north bank. This historic bridge is the starting point for a classic tour through the Tara river canyon. Travelers can reach it by car. Tara Canyon History Durmitor Park is famous for its picturesque mountains and 18 ponds on its territory. The mountains surrounding the canyon look unique on both sides. The picturesque canyon hides many secrets. Some rare ea